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保险,账单 & 金融援助

We’re here to help you navigate through any questions you have about your bill from NYU Langone, 其中包括 Tisch医院, 纽约大学朗格尼骨科医院, 面包干康复, 365下载 Hospital-Brooklyn纽约大学朗格尼分校的家庭健康中心, 纽约大学朗格尼医院长岛以及相关的门诊地点.



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Please contact us by phone or in person using the methods listed below if you have any questions about insurance or billing.

进一步了解你的 医院的账单,你的 急救护理法案,或者你的 医生服务法案.



It is important for you to know that the hospital only bills you for hospital services. 你会收到医生单独的账单. The doctors who care for you at the hospital may work in a private practice or they may be employed by NYU Langone. Some of these doctors may not be in the same health plan networks as the hospital.

Ask the doctor admitting you to the hospital or scheduling your outpatient care if they participate in your insurance plan’s network. 如果医生或医院不在你的计划网络中, 你的保险公司将要求你支付更多的费用.


NYU Langone参与了许多健康计划网络. Each health plan creates a network of doctors 和 hospitals who have agreed to be in that network. 这就是所谓的“参与”计划. 查看我们参与的保险计划列表.

一些健康计划为某些服务使用较小的网络, so it is important to check whether we participate in the specific plan that covers you. 我们的列表会告诉你我们是否在健康计划的网络中.


You can look online to see if your doctors work for NYU Langone 和 if your doctors are part of the same networks as the hospital. 找到 所有这些医生的信息包括受雇的麻醉师、病理学家和放射科医生.

You should check with the doctor admitting you to the hospital or scheduling your outpatient treatment to find out whether other doctors will be involved in your care. Your doctor can give you their name, practice name, mailing address, telephone number. Your doctor will also be able to tell you if you are likely to need the services of any doctors employed by NYU Langone, 在这种情况下,你可以从上面的链接获得资料.


Out-of-pocket costs for healthcare services may vary significantly across health systems, 即使是普通的程序. 纽约大学兰贡, we are committed to providing you with this information up front so that you can make the best choice for yourself 和 your family. 

Hospitals are required to maintain a list of 标准收费 for the items 和 services they provide. It is important to note that 标准收费 do not reflect or represent the actual out-of-pocket cost a patient pays for these services. 然而,你可以查看NYU Langone的列表 标准收费.

The actual out-of-pocket cost a patient pays may vary depending on the clinical services provided, 您具体的保险计划, 你接收服务的地点, 和其他因素. To provide you with information on potential out-of-pocket costs, NYU Langone has developed an 付现成本估计

这个估计值作为一个起点. 在纽约大学朗格尼分校获得最可靠的自费服务, 与保险公司沟通是很重要的. 他们将能够帮助你有关免赔额的信息, 共同付费, 共同保险 related to the services received 和 in accordance with your insurance 政策. 如果您没有健康保险,请致电 to get information about an out-of-pocket cost estimate, or to learn more about our 金融援助政策 和 your eligibility for subsidized health insurance through programs such as Medicaid.


Tisch医院, 纽约大学朗格尼骨科医院365下载 Hospital-Brooklyn纽约大学朗格尼分校的家庭健康中心和 纽约大学朗格尼医院长岛 会给你寄住院费和门诊费吗, 列出你接受治疗的费用.

A “daily care charge” on the inpatient bill covers the basic everyday work of the hospital. It includes 24-hour nursing care, food, housekeeping, other support services. 按照你的保险计划的条款, 保险支付大部分费用,剩下的由你支付.

“Optional personal charges” on an inpatient bill are for any extra services received. 你可能要求为家庭成员用餐或要求包间. 健康保险通常不包括这些额外的项目.

让付款尽可能简单和直接, 我们要求每位投保病人支付免赔额, 共同保险, 或在任何非紧急服务时共同支付. 您可以付现金、支票或主要信用卡.

This time-of-service payment is based on our estimate of your bill, but it is only an estimate. 出院后,我们会把最后的帐单寄给你的保险公司. They will send you an explanation of benefits (EOB) showing what we charged 和 what they paid. We will send you a final bill showing the balance you owe 和 how to pay it. 这应该与EOB上的信息相匹配.

If you are in active labor or require 紧急服务, our first priority is to take care of you. We won’t ask about payment until the doctors have told us your condition is stable.

You will be asked to pay for any charges not covered by your insurance after you are discharged.


产前护理援助计划, 也被称为PCAP, is insurance for pregnant women available through the 纽约大学朗格尼分校的家庭健康中心. PCAP提供产前护理服务, 分娩, 还有产后两个月的护理.

PCAP coverage is available to any pregnant woman regardless of age or immigration status. 需要申请. 我们的病人服务倡导者可以帮助确定你是否符合资格. 欲了解更多,请致电 .


If you do not have health insurance or your insurance only covers a portion of your 医院的账单, 你可能有资格申请经济援助. 请去医院看看 政策常见问题. To apply, please follow the instructions on the financial assistance application. You can also talk to a financial counselor by visiting or calling one of the locations below weekdays between 8:00AM 和 5:00PM.

如果你在纽约大学朗格尼分校的家庭健康中心接受服务, you do not have health insurance or your insurance only covers a portion of your 医院的账单, 你可能有资格申请经济援助. Please contact the site where your appointment has been scheduled to discuss financial assistance options.




如果您对付款有任何疑问,请致电 .


一份来自 罗纳德·O. 佩雷尔曼应急服务中心, 塞缪尔整形外科急救中心, 纽约大学朗格尼健康-鹅卵石山,或者是 布鲁克林纽约大学朗格尼医院急诊科 includes charges for the nursing services 和 supplies provided during your 急救护理. Imaging tests, laboratory tests, pharmacy services are individually listed on this bill. 这些费用的一部分可能由你的保险公司承担.

The bill for the doctors who participated in your care will be sent separately. 您的保险公司可能承保这些服务,也可能不承保. 请参阅下面有关医生账单的更多信息.

如有任何关于紧急护理费用的问题,请致电 .


病人s at NYU Langone receive separate bills for services provided by doctors, 无论是作为你住院的一部分, 急救护理, 或者去看医生. 你可以通过 寻找医生.

你也可能收到辅助医生服务的账单, 如麻醉, 放射学测试, 病理, 或其他服务. Though you may not meet these doctors face-to-face,y provide vital care.

除了, you may receive a separate bill from a doctor who is affiliated with NYU Langone, 但他有一家私人诊所.

查看这个医生账单样本 了解更多关于您账单上的信息.

To speak with a customer service representative about your doctor’s office bill, 请拨打您对账单上的号码或拨打电话 .